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  1. Can we live without the computer?

    Things have change now everything almost everything run on computers and it is the age of social networking as well
  2. Wash your vehicle

    I wash my car weekly once, but it is too tiring
  3. The giveaways are really nice good luck to the folks who get it!
  4. Favorite Server?

    Amen to that!
  5. Skyrim vs Online?

    ESO is not that good, i like the original skyrim the mods are just epic.
  6. Quick Run Down

    Never tried this game, will try it out soon !
  7. slickdeals is nice site indeed
  8. Radio stations

    the radio stations in gta are nice overall
  9. Favorite Radio Station?

    looks good to me.
  10. Play Any Sports Games?

    I Play fifa really like the game.
  11. Community Update (12 Feb 2016)

    Nice updates and love the new theme
  12. Perfect Dark

    Not my kind of game
  13. Background Games

    My goto is Tetris works really good!
  14. Next CoD Game

    Starwars Battlefeild was good as their latest release. Oops was it Battlefront? A remake of another COD incoming with "better graphics"