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  1. Nazi Zombies?

    I always loved the zombie modes in COD this time is no different.
  2. What Type Your Favorite Games?

    mmorpg Survival Sandbox ...
  3. What's the last thing you ate?

    2 Sweet and Salty bars , god i love sweet and salty bars *Homer Simpson drooling face*
  4. which movie make you happy ?

    We are the titans type of movies
  5. What game you recently finished?

    COD guosts *ashamed lol
  6. Lol Very creative and original, man the time it must have taken to make that video !
  7. GTA Online: Lowriders

    The last update i tough would be incredible loll open-world like incredible but i was so disappointed when i saw that the only big change was server wide mini missions -.- This one looks dope thought
  8. GTA5 on PS4

    Sure did I played on both xbox one and ps4 , evendo i'm a xbox one lover i must say that the graphics of GTAV on ps4 are unbeatable . I did all 5 heists already so i can help out with yours if you can build up a 4 person steady team, let me know ;)