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  1. Windows 10

    I certainly do hope you don't use Google. Because Google, which makes their money off ads and selling customer aka your data, is far worse. I have never had any inkling of Microsoft removing anything 'they want' off my PC and I also have never seen ads on my windows desktop. . If you are talking about the lock screen showing ads, then you can simply and easily remove that by going into your personalization and turning it off. Some of your statements are a smidge hyperbolic.
  2. Could I survive? Sure...my existence is not placed on whether I have a computer or not. I would be awfully miserable/bored without it...see me last week when I had to wait for a new charger for my computer and that was just 2 days!
  3. The main benefit and reasoning I prefer Internal is for reliability. SD card(External) really goes badly quickly. Especially with you ejecting it, moving it and inserting it in many devices. Internal storage is preferable to me because in many cases, it also means the device has a unibody design(more specifically a phone) and not removable parts.
  4. So everyone from my brother and friends are shocked that I have not played this game. I know it is one of the most popular games and what not. So I ask you all to convince me to play? What makes this game so awesome and why would someone enjoy playing it? Convince me to join the craze. Albeit a tad late
  5. For the Xbox Master Race What game are you guys playing right now? And would you recommend to others? For me, it would be The Division. And considering I am not an avd gamer, I am in love with this game's graphic, storyline and game play and I would most definitely recommend this to you for you to play if you like bad-ass games. Definite 10/10
  6. Will Xbox be dropped?

    Why would they drop Xbox? They are doing well with Xbox and making money(Unlike Sony). It would be stupid of them to drop a consumer facing product that is having some success...that is not to say they cant bridge Xbox with PC gaming...which is what they are doing now with Windows 10.
  7. Are your parents still alive?

    Yeah I know all 4 of mine(Birth and adopted) and they are all alive I have quite an...interesting family/parental life.
  8. Your opinion on justin beiber

    I am not ashamed to admit I love me some JB He had some trouble but his new album is great and he has gotten hotter lol
  9. How many games do you own?

    My library is admittedly small. About 5 steam games, 2 Xbox games and 2 DS games lol. I am not a huge gamer so I am pretty selective about what I decide to play and buy usually.
  10. I would love to actually do something completely boring and travel to the northern parts of the US(like Maine). We're talking about it for the holidays. Idk I have been some of everywhere in the world except places I can go easily...so it'd be great. Experience the mountains and snow. I am curious about Jordan as well and the middle east. Given how bad those countries can be, I also hear some are actually rather beautiful.
  11. What game you recently finished?

    Pokémon ruby lol I am getting back into the Pokémon madness and found my old Gameboy advanced and gave it a whirl
  12. which movie make you happy ?

    I don't know about 'happy' as I hate overly positive and mushy movies. I enjoy movies with excellent villains and plots though.
  13. What's the last thing you ate?

    AS of now, just some graham crackers lol. We're heading to dinner shortly so idk yet We shall see lol
  14. What Type Your Favorite Games?

    Survival, RPG and Strategy games. Basically a game where I can kill things and be violent lol
  15. Finally joined :P

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