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  1. Nintendo Switch

    An interesting concept despite it being a gaming focused tablet. I look forward to the full details come next year.
  2. World of Warcraft

    Haven't really played it since it fist started out. kind of grew bored with it really and never thought it last this long.
  3. Nintendo Wii U Games you own

    Not many, just the basics really. Smash bros, mario builder, splatoon, and Bayoneta 2.
  4. Hurt yourself with tech

    I have cut my finger when putting a PC together, the inside has a lot of sharp corners.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    I am currently listening to Talex of Zestria video game opening Bright White Light
  6. Are your parents still alive?

    Define alive.... yeah mine are still kicking but not in the best of health.
  7. How much PSN

    I was going to buy something recently from PSN, but my game didn't support region only DLC.
  8. Sea of Thieves

    And this game is just coming out for Xbox right? Shame it isn't coming to others.
  9. Street Fighter 5

    I'm sure in another year it will be priced down to the teens.
  10. Favourite Xbox Game?

    For me it would be the Rare Replay despite it being a collection of Nintendo games.
  11. Cookies

    I enjoy chocolate chip cookies as well with M&Ms mixed in to make it taste all the better.
  12. Favorite genre's?

    My top one would be RPGs followed by platforms followed by FPS. Sadly its hard to find a decent platformer game.
  13. What's your favorite battlefield?

    I think I may have played on of the very earlier titles that my brothers had, but I haven't played anything recent.
  14. Still using e-mail?!

    Anyone who says no is a liar, you still need email for everything tech related such as signing up and receiving alerts.