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  1. Hours Spent

    I think I've played 2-3 hours total, I really don't like Minecraft. I dont understand the hype...
  2. Skyrim vs Online?

    I still prefer Skyrim compared to ESO. ESO was crap, the mechanics were not that great, the only thing in favor of ESO compared to other MMORPGs was the voice acting.
  3. I'm planning on purchasing this for PS4. Anyone else?
  4. Black Ops 3

    I really like this game, does anyone play online so we can play together?
  5. Facebook Games?

    I need some recommendations of good Facebook games, I like RPG/Strategy/MMORPG games and for some reason I also like games like FrontierVille (not FarmVille). Do you have any recommendations?
  6. Blogger vs wordpress

    I'd go with Wordpress, very easy to use, a lot of themes, plenty modifications and an active memberbase.
  7. "I will love you forever and three days after" Only way to say it in my opinion
  8. What kind of car do you have?

    Lexus 450h 2015 black.
  9. What's your favorite TV Shows?

    The Big Bang Theory I don't watch anything else.
  10. Favourite Movies?

    Interstellar is my favorite movie. I also like Phenomenon.
  11. What Type Your Favorite Games?

    MMORPG, RPG and Strategy games. I play the occasional FPS but not as often as the other genres.
  12. If there is a specific game I want I normally purchase it from cdkeys.com or greenmangaming, otherwise I just check humblebundle.
  13. Which was your first horror game?

    I believe my first horror game was Dead Space, really freaked me out when I played it at night...
  14. How many games do you own?

    94 Steam games 10-12 PS4 games and some misc, so I'd say about 130.
  15. Favorite Console

    I'd say my PlayStation 4. (it's the only console I have)