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  1. I will be having surgery this Friday, sorry for any inactivity that will occur. Thank you! 

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    2. RayDaBeast


      @Empire Well my right eye sight has always been very bad since birth. The doctor would like to do a 2 hour surgery. I will of course be under anesthesia and my eye will be soar when I wake up. So I rather not be on the PC for a few days for my eye to relax. 

    3. Empire


      Well, take as much off as you can and hope that it goes well. You should of had the surgery done years ago before it was to let or there was an age restriction. From the team Good luck and with good results at the end  

    4. RayDaBeast


      @Empire The doctor said to wait. I did have one minor operation back when I was 3 years old but the doctor feels its time to do it again. Thanks again :)