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  1. WoW Legion

    I just downloaded WoW, and tried it as I've been trying to find a good MMO to play. Personally I don't like it much at all. The graphics seem really, really outdated, and the combat is pretty boring imo. Though I do know a lot of people like the newest patch.
  2. Community Update (12 Feb 2016)

    Really loving the new theme you have! It's extremely well made, and perfectly polished. Keep up the great work!
  3. ooh, okay. That's good to hear. Though I imagine the price wouldn't be worth too much if you have like 4 people all doing it over and over. 25k per person is kind of iffy right?
  4. Man! That's really good. Is that split between everyone though? Or is that individually?
  5. GTA V looks awesome!

    It is a really good game. There is one thing that I hate about it though. The servers are still bloody awful at times. Joining someone's session online is a hassle at times, etc. Other than that it's really fun, and totally worth the buy!
  6. I wish all games allowed you to enter all the buildings. I really wish they'd do that in GTA. I know it'd be a lot of work, but even having more than the very, very few that you're allowed in would be amazing. I completely agree with adding more buildings you can walk into.
  7. I have yet to do a heist How are they? I heard they can get you a lot of money but they're really difficult to do.
  8. Halo 5

    I have the game, and I have to say it's really good. They turned it around compared to H4. I absolutely despised H4 and lucky 343 realized how bad the game was and how much money they lost from it and make Halo 5 decent. I do wish there was an MLG type playlist like in Halo 3 where there was limited weapons (Accuracy Weapons only). However, even in ranked you have the ridiculously OP weapons
  9. What rank are you in H5?

    What rank are you in halo 5? Most of my ranks are around high plat - high diamond. However I am Onyx in FFA
  10. Oldschool Games?

    Who here plays old school games still? I just brought back all my old SNES games from my parents to my house. Sadly, my SNES JUST stopped working 2 days ago At least I still have my gameboy SP and all my gameboy/gameboy advance games If you do still play Oldschool games, what system and what games?
  11. GTA V Zombie DLC?

    I saw the video on facebook of a GTA V DLC coming out which will be post zombie apocalypse. I was just trying to find the trailer for this post and I cannot find it. Has anyone else heard of this? If so, do you know if it's confirmed or not? It looks really amazing, and would be something I'd buy the moment it comes out! Let me know your opinions on it reguardless if it's legit or not. Would you play a Zombie mode on GTA V?
  12. Who plays Dragons Dogma?

    Who here has played dragons dogma? If so, how much do you enjoy it?! I have been playing it non stop since my buddy told me about it. Though he is higher level than I am, it is still extremely fun!
  13. Who still plays OldSchool Games?

    Nostalgia is one of the greatest things in my opinion Hooah, Army, 25B
  14. PC or Console?

    I find that depending on the style of game I prefer consoles vs. PC and vice versa. When it comes to a FPS I love console games, however I enjoy open world, and MMO type games on the PC. Action games, and hack and slash it doesn't matter, however I need a controller in my hand. Such as dragons dogma I play with a controller
  15. Who still plays OldSchool Games?

    I enjoyed the DS, but Advance and color games are more my style A bit off topic but what branch did/do you serve in?