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  1. Just some of my art :)

    They are...mmm...they are unique....but why skeletons and ...errr....(_ _)
  2. Spotify

    I have heard of spotify but I have never really used it. I am planning to give it a try though
  3. Life without Google!

    I will be just fine without google. There are so many other alternatives
  4. Pokémon

    I am not into pokemon but I did enjoy it as a kid though. I don't think I would follow this series anymore but it's good to know that it's still ongoing.
  5. Question from a PC gamer.

    That's true too. Not many people who give things sufficient amount of time, before looking for profits and such
  6. Yup. I was talking about tablets....recently I purchased a tablet and it has 128 gb now..but for me that's just not enough
  7. What's your favorite TV Shows?

    My favorite Tv shows are 1. Supernatural 2. X files 3. Ghost whisperer
  8. Question from a PC gamer.

    Well, it depends. There is no exact time duration for anything. May be 1 year or 10 years. It depends on the popularity and requirements.
  9. RAM and Disk Space

    Well, it's a dell laptop and I don't remember the model name. It's two years old Not exactly a new laptop.
  10. Disappointing games

    Well, PVZ 2 disappointed me quite a bit. I dislike that game with a passion now.
  11. RAM and Disk Space

    I have 4gb RAM and 500 GB HDD in my laptop and 1.5 GB RAM and 126 GB SSD in my tablet and I don't remember my smartphone specifications. I can't really upgrade any devices I own. So, that's not an option for me.
  12. Internal storage is usually comprises of less storage when compared to the external storage.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    I am listening to the song white lie by oliver. It's a vocaloid song.
  14. Picky Eater

    Well, some curries, cool drinks and some other stuff >.> I can't rally think of any at the moment.
  15. Which was your first horror game?

    Have you tried PVZ 2? I was pretty disappointed about it. What about you? What do you think of that game?