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  1. PC or Console?

    The main reason that I have a hard time playing on console is because I love the keyboard and mouse too much for games.
  2. I haven't really played much starcraft 2, because I'm not really that into RTSs any more, but a few weeks ago a few friends and myself spun up old Starcraft and Brood War and played for a bit. I was so impressed by the graphics as a teenager, and now with my eyesight going I can barely tell what is going on in the game.
  3. Who still plays OldSchool Games?

    One of my all time favorite games was Zelda: Link's Awakening on gameboy. Mostly because of nostalgia because I can remember playing it when I was little and supposed to be going to bed. Army, 19D. You?
  4. First game you ever played.

    Thats a hard one but my guess is the Super Mario brothers game on NES.
  5. Who still plays OldSchool Games?

    I had a DS when I was deployed, and I had an emulator on a little tablet with a bluetooth controller that I bought in Ireland on the way to Afghanistan. The emulator with the controller was unbeatable.
  6. Question from a PC gamer.

    As a PC gamer, starting to get more into console games how important is it to have the latest system. I understand that the system is better and eventually I am going to have to buy the new system but how long can I get away with using the older system. How long until the online portion of the games I play are completely dead?
  7. Triple A titles or indie games?

    I think that if it's a good game, it's a good game. I would never not buy a game because it is or isn't indie but generally I find that AAA games generally play a little bit easier. Every now and then there is a significant outlier like Minecraft or FTL though.
  8. Star Trek Timelines mobile game

    Looks pretty cool. I hate the pay to continue crap though so I'm not even going to try it.
  9. PC or Console?

    I am without a doubt a PC gamer, but lately I have been eyeing up one of the next gen systems. Maybe it's because I am getting older and I just want to sit in my recliner and play some games or maybe I am just growing apart from the PC games.