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    How to edit the startup.rphs file!

      Support Status: How To

     "How do I edit the startup.rphs" or "How do I make plugins load without doing it manually?"  Well, I'm here to show you.



    Notepad++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org)

    Lasted Version of LSPDFR 



    1. Go to your GTAV root directory
    2. Right click the startup.rphs file, choosing "Edit with Notepad++". It should look something like this:
    3. Click it, open up the file. You should get something like this: 
    4. Edit to your needs! Enjoy!



    Useful information 

    You should put WarnOnPluginLoad false on the top, so plugins such as Finkone's Police Radio can load once.

    You should only load plugins you trust - don't load plugins that seem sketchy.

    You don't need the quotation marks when putting a plugin in the startup.rhps, for example: You don't need quotes when loading PoliceRadio.dll as it is one word, but you need quotes when loading LSPDFR First Responce.dll because it has spaces.

    For example, here's my startup.rphs:







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