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    Some of the Top Games on Twitch in 2017

    Twitch has come a long way since it's introduction to the gaming world, and we are all grateful for their services. They have thousands of games where players can stream and show other users what happens within the game they are playing at the time. Some play very popular games like league of legends and call of duty while others will stream super Mario bros because they have a sort of nostalgia when it comes to gaming. Obviously, the more popular the game, the more viewers you usually will get when streaming. Some gamers even make a full-time income when it comes to streaming. They will receive donations from their viewers in sums of $1 to the highest I've seen at $500 just for playing a video game and interacting with their viewers.

    Some of these streamers are making $100,000+ a year just to play video games, that would be nice if we all could do this 

    I'm not really here to talk about the streamers, even though some of them are pretty awesome to watch, I'm here to talk about the top games that are being streamed on twitch at the moment. And they are:


    League of Legends
    League of Legends, or just "League" as it's referred to by most of the players, is a fast-paced and very competitive online multiplayer game which combines the speed and intensity of an RTS as well as having some RPG elements. There are two teams of players, or champions, who have unique abilities who fight head to head in different types of battle modes on various maps. League of Legends has an enormous amount of replayability, unlike most games, because of the constant updates and the draw of big tournaments.

    This game came on the scene out of nowhere and has been fighting league of legends for the top spot since it started gaining players. This is a last man standing, battle royale, type of game which has been needed in the gaming world for a long time now. Many companies have tried to build a game type like this but failed miserably because of the time it takes for the programming and updates. This game has also picked up its nickname PUBG from the community since it's much shorter and easier to type than PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS 

    Rocket League
    This game is made for people of all ages since it combines RC cars and soccer. It sounds like an odd game, I even thought it didn't look fun until I played it, and it's incredibly addictive. You can play solo, duo or a team game with friends or random players. There are seasons you can play in order to unlock skins and cosmetics, which don't give you a bonus or boost when playing against other players. You can also play pick up games with other players, but I would recommend getting better than the AI before you play other gamers, because they are extremely good at this game and make the AI look like a chump.

    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    This game franchise has been around for a while and has gotten a ton of attention from the gaming community. It's bloody fps that allow you to team up with friends or run solo in order to win your game mode of choice. If you don't know what COD is, and you call yourself a gamer, you obviously have been living under a rock for a long time lol.

    This game is basically a tabletop card game in a digital environment. Have you ever heard of WoW which is an abbreviation of World Of Warcraft? Well, Hearthstone is based on WoW when it comes to its monsters and power levels. You don't get to use weapons in this game since your cards are pre-set, but it's still a pretty sweet time killer and I would suggest you check it out if you liked the Warcraft style gaming.

    Fifa 18
    This game franchise has been out for a while now and has always been popular with anyone who loves soccer. You can pick your team and play seasons, just like in the real world and how soccer is run. I myself don't play this game because I've never been a fan of soccer, but I can see this being very popular in Europe and pretty much anywhere other than the United States.

    Destiny 2
    This fps is a futuristic fantasy type of shooter. You have exotic style guns that might mimic guns you see in the real world, but not too much. Bungie and Activision were the developers of this game, which is the second in the series, and it seems to have a lot of players fading away due to it being too repetitive and having a low replay value. I logged almost 3,000 hours into Destiny 1 and found Destiny 2 to be a boring adventure after you beat the storyline and play a few PvP matches 

    This game came on the scene not too long ago, or I should say it made waves not too long ago with their Battle Royale mode, which mimics the entire PUBG game setup. You can play solo, duo or squad games in the PvP mode that everyone loves, and your goal is to be the last man/team standing in order to win. There is also a PvE mode that people seem to love, but I haven't cracked down and purchased it yet so I can't comment too much on it lol. The developers of this game seem to be on top of things since they fix bugs and glitches almost immediately and since the battle royale launch, they have already done 2 big updates that give the players more to work with. More game modes, maps, and weapons are on the horizon for this game, and even though it's in beta it's still one of my favorite games at the moment 

    In Conclusion:
    Twitch streaming isn't anything new in the gaming community, but it could be new to you if you have been living under a rock. These are not all of the top games on twitch in 2017, just the ones I'm more familiar with. Other games that are topping the charts on twitch right now are Super Mario Odyssey, Counter-Strike, IRL, Heroes of the Storm, Warframe, Dota 2, Grand Theft Auto and Overwatch.

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