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Kingston's First NVMe SSD, The KC1000

Kingston has reintroduced the KC1000 NVMe SSD. We first saw the drive in January at CES, but the company wanted to hold the details until the official launch. Seemingly, that is in the very near future--mid June.
The KC series has historically targeted system builders and corporations upgrading systems en masse. Kingston released several client SSDs under the KC brand, and many of them were tuned for increased stability and longevity but share similar hardware with models from the standard consumer product line. The KC1000 press release seems to turn the tables and take this series in a slightly different direction.
"The demands of today’s performance power users are constantly being put to the test as new data-intensive applications push the boundaries of what can be achieved with even the market’s high performance professional workstations and most powerful gaming rigs,” said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston. “KC1000 is the perfect solution to meet the needs of media and design professionals, gaming enthusiasts and anyone who needs ultra-low latency storage performance to end data bottlenecks. This native NVMe device offers one of the industry’s most powerful storage solutions for high-resolution content delivery, virtual reality applications, accelerated game play or a competitive edge for the creative professional on tight deadlines.”
Gamers, power users, and enthusiasts have always been directed to the HyperX brand, but in recent years that series shifted to target gamers exclusively. Kingston calls the KC1000 an "Ultimate Storage Upgrade for HD Video, PC Enthusiasts, Gaming and More." The release later identified a list of specific application categories the series will perform well in:
High-resolution video editing Virtual and augmented reality applications CAD software applications Streaming media Graphically intensive video games Data visualization Real-time analytics  
It seems the KC series may begin to target a wider audience with the introduction of the first Kingston NVMe SSD.
The KC1000 series ships in three capacity sizes, but there are a total of six product SKUs. For each capacity, the drives ships as either a bare drive or with a half-height, half-length (HHHL) add-in card adapter. The performance coming from the Phision PS5007-E7 controller paired with Toshiba 15nm planar NAND looks strong. The sequential read performance reaches 2,700 MB/s, and the sequential writes are 900 MB/s for the 240GB model and 1,600 MB/s for the two largest-capacity drives. Random performance is also impressive, with up to 290,000 IOPS (225,000 for the 240GB). Users can reach up to 190,000 random write IOPS.
Kingston backs the KC1000 series with a generous five-year limited warranty with ample endurance figures that reach as high as 1PB for the 960GB drive.
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    How to Install a Playstation controller on PC

      Support Status: How To

    Hello everyone, 

    (Please note, this is for people using Playstation 3 or 4 controllers on a Windows machine. Most 1st party Microsoft controllers do not need this application as they will most likely work without hassle when plugged in. I have not tested this new application with anything other than Playstation controllers.) 
    Recently I went away from the whole Motion in Joy application that is hip within the PC gaming community. Compared to other, more permanent solutions, it is a hassle to use, takes up space, and needs to be activated over and over and over to actually use. So after doing extensive research, I have found an excellent program that does all of what Motion in Joy does, but with less bloat and issues. 

    This program does not seem to have a definitive name, but is referred to as "Scarlet Crush" and it's author goes by "Scarlet.Crush". 


    To install this application, simply follow the instruction below. 


    1. Microsoft .NET 4.0 
    2. Visual C 2013 Runtime. 
    3. Latest DirectX Runtime. 
    4. Latest Xbox 360 Controller Drivers available. 
    5. Genuine Sony DualShock3 or DualShock4 or SixAxis Controller(s). 
    6. Minimum of Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Dongle (if using Bluetooth). 
    7. Administrator rights on your PC. 

    Note : The Bluetooth Driver requires that you dedicate a Bluetooth Dongle to DS3/DS4 use. It will not be usable by other Bluetooth devices after the driver has been installed. 

    Important - make sure your Bluetooth dongle and DS3(s) are plugged in via USB before installing the drivers. 

    Xbox 360 Controller Drivers - these are available from Microsoft here. 
    Windows 7 - Run before installing the SCP Drivers. (Windows 7 shipped with outdated drivers which may cause stability issues) 
    Windows XP and Vista - Run after after installing the SCP Drivers. 
    Windows 8/8.1 not required. 

    New Install 
    1. Connect your Dongle and DS3 via USB and let Windows install it's default drivers. 
    2. Copy the archive to a temporary directory [eg C:\Temp]. 
    3. Right click on the archive and select Properties. 
    4. Click the Unblock button if it is displayed on the General tab. 
    5. Unpack the archive. 
    6. Create a directory where you want the Service to run from. [Recommended - C:\Program Files\Scarlet.Crush Productions *] 
    7. Copy the contents of the ScpServer\bin to the directory you created. 
    8. Run ScpDriver.exe. 
    9. XP/Vista - check the Force Install option. Win 7/8 leave it unchecked. 
    10. Click Install. [see screenshot below] 

    11. If you do not see the install summary as per screenshot and your dongle is in the directly supported list - click Uninstall, check the Force Install option, click Install. 
    12. Click Exit. 

    * create from an elevated command prompt if you have UAC enabled. The directory should not be created anywhere off your User directory (eg on your Desktop, or in your Downloads directory), it should also not be on a Network drive. 

    Now in simple terms, this is how you install it. (Windows 8.1 and 10)



    1.) Install the files (Make sure to install in Program Files, not Program Files(x86), Name the folder Scarlet.Crush Productions. The final directory should look something like this. C:\Program Files\Scarlet.Crush Productions) 

    2.) If the PS3 controller is wireless, plug the USB Charger that came with it into any USB port, and connect it to the controller. Let the PC do its thing and install it. 

    3.) Once done with that, run the Scpdriver.exe that you installed within the folder, and once there follow these screenshots... 
    Click "Install" and let it do its thing 

    Once finished, and it returns something that looks like this. (Focus on whether or not it provides a "Success" statement at the end.) Click "Exit" Click to View Content

    4.) Now you will want to launch the "ScpMonitor.exe" executable. This will give you options on configurations and such. You do not need to actually tamper with any of the settings. 

    5.) The controller should now function as if it is an Xbox 360 controller. All buttons on the Playstation controller should correspond with the relative location of the button on the Xbox controller. For Example, X will correspond with A, Square will correspond with X, Triangle will correspond with Y, and Circle will correspond with B. 

    Make sure after installation you do a reboot of the PC. One, to make sure that the controller works after reboot (YOU DO NOT NEED TO OPEN ANY SCP EXE's, it should automatically work), and to make sure everything in the install was good. 

    Uninstall Steps


    1.) Launch the "ScpDriver.exe" Executable. 
    2.) Click "Uninstall". 
    3.) Exit 


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