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Found 4 results

  1. What are your thoughts on netbooks? Do you own one? We used to have a working one but I think either the power cable needs to be replaced or it needs a new battery, but it doesn't seem to hold a charge anymore. I'm thinking of purchasing one for my daughter for Christmas as my sons all have things like tablets or laptops and PC's and my daughter only has her iPhone and nothing else really to do anything like browse the web. So i'm thinking of getting her a netbook for Christmas so she can browse the web and maybe even do school work on it at night. What do you think of netbooks? I know they aren't as popular anymore as they used to be and they seem to be harder to find these days.
  2. Christmas Daf Truck

    From the album Empires Euro Truck Gallery

    it's an snowing day, and about to start working on Christmas day
  3. Christmas Truck

    From the album Empires Euro Truck Gallery

    Looking from the right side
  4. Christmas Truck Edtion

    From the album Empires Euro Truck Gallery

    merry Christmas everyone, gotta like the paint job