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Kingston's First NVMe SSD, The KC1000

Kingston has reintroduced the KC1000 NVMe SSD. We first saw the drive in January at CES, but the company wanted to hold the details until the official launch. Seemingly, that is in the very near future--mid June.
The KC series has historically targeted system builders and corporations upgrading systems en masse. Kingston released several client SSDs under the KC brand, and many of them were tuned for increased stability and longevity but share similar hardware with models from the standard consumer product line. The KC1000 press release seems to turn the tables and take this series in a slightly different direction.
"The demands of today’s performance power users are constantly being put to the test as new data-intensive applications push the boundaries of what can be achieved with even the market’s high performance professional workstations and most powerful gaming rigs,” said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston. “KC1000 is the perfect solution to meet the needs of media and design professionals, gaming enthusiasts and anyone who needs ultra-low latency storage performance to end data bottlenecks. This native NVMe device offers one of the industry’s most powerful storage solutions for high-resolution content delivery, virtual reality applications, accelerated game play or a competitive edge for the creative professional on tight deadlines.”
Gamers, power users, and enthusiasts have always been directed to the HyperX brand, but in recent years that series shifted to target gamers exclusively. Kingston calls the KC1000 an "Ultimate Storage Upgrade for HD Video, PC Enthusiasts, Gaming and More." The release later identified a list of specific application categories the series will perform well in:
High-resolution video editing Virtual and augmented reality applications CAD software applications Streaming media Graphically intensive video games Data visualization Real-time analytics  
It seems the KC series may begin to target a wider audience with the introduction of the first Kingston NVMe SSD.
The KC1000 series ships in three capacity sizes, but there are a total of six product SKUs. For each capacity, the drives ships as either a bare drive or with a half-height, half-length (HHHL) add-in card adapter. The performance coming from the Phision PS5007-E7 controller paired with Toshiba 15nm planar NAND looks strong. The sequential read performance reaches 2,700 MB/s, and the sequential writes are 900 MB/s for the 240GB model and 1,600 MB/s for the two largest-capacity drives. Random performance is also impressive, with up to 290,000 IOPS (225,000 for the 240GB). Users can reach up to 190,000 random write IOPS.
Kingston backs the KC1000 series with a generous five-year limited warranty with ample endurance figures that reach as high as 1PB for the 960GB drive.

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    5 'Must have' game applications if you are an android user

      Select System: Android
    The official Android Playstore is so huge that no one can keep tabs on the applications that are added into their list everyday. Here, I bring before you a list of 5 'must have' gaming applications' for every android users. I have compiled this list out of my own personal experience with different games that I have tried over time. So, without further ado,
    1. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia - My current favorite, this tops our list because it is a multiplayer combat game that can be played over a local wifi connection. You can train yourselves in the single player mode and then connect with other players and select your own battle field before you begin the match. Throughout the game, you can experience the urge to hunt your enemy down, kill them and capture their weapons and then proceed further in the game. 
    2. Smash Fu - This game is all about a better interface that packs the excitement and experience of Piano Tiles, but in a more innovative way. The sole aim of the game is to break as many as bricks as possible without touching the dynamites, as the speed of the interface accelerates. In short, this a a must have application for all the tile smashers out there.
    3. Bump Sheep - I have never come across a more addicting two player game than this. A balanced amount of strategy and reflex will help you score against your opponent in this game. It is about choosing where to place your sheep (they come in two different colors and in different sizes) and they have to push against each other to reach the other end of the board. The player with the most number of points will reap victory at the end.
    4. Alto's Adventure - Despite the same old concept of running around, overcoming obstacles and jumping high up to reach out to gold coins, Alto's Adventure is a heavy application that packs a rich visual graphic experience with original gameplay background score music. Set in a picturesque snow covered village, Alto sets out to capture free roaming Illamas that once represented the pride of the village. If you are using one of those high end Android phones with decent specifications, then go for this one.
    5. Score Hero - If you are a football fan, this game is sure to keep you engaged. You have to pass, shoot and score through a number of challenging levels and bring your HEROs name into the hall of fame. As much as the gameplay experience, the graphics and the replay models are amazing and adds to the richness of the game.
    Please post your comments below.
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    Do you know if any of these are available on this App Store for iOS? Some of them sound really fun 

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